Apart From Darkness

by Burdened Hand

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released March 22, 2016

- All music and lyrics written and recorded by Andy Holmes.

- Mixed by Colin Pate and Andy Holmes at Agave Recording Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

- Mastered by Nicholas T. Petersen at Track and Field Recording in Durham, North Carolina.



all rights reserved


Burdened Hand Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Four of Swords
letting go of all the waste inside
oh, tonight, these demons are just my type
for a change, i feel alright
faced with the noise i cannot describe
little bits of you left in my sight
have made a grave for me to lie
i failed as a lover
i wasn't worth a shit
i lost my head in all of this
Track Name: No Pain
it's a lonely song from an empty hotel
and i want it to rain
that's enough for now
you can stop coming down
i feel no pain
there was a time when i could see outside
now I'm ready for this distance to grow
and tell the beast in me to finally set you free
for how long, i don't know...
you fear the water running out
never close enough to drown
all leaving in shame
but you can sleep this off
or take a walk to the bar
I've been here all day
Track Name: Alice
buried deep in beauty bliss
i am a thorn that wears the crown
and keeps coming back for more
don't hesitate
be quick to cut them down
and leave no light at the door
all along, it goes off and on
to the sight of you not coming back
i don't know what it takes
i feel very strange and all alone

there's nobody listening
so i don't need to make a sound
pay no mind to this storm
the thought that was in my head
ran off to another town
blackout... lost... reborn...
all along, it goes off and on
to the sight of you not coming back
i don't know what it takes
i feel very strange and all alone

alice on my back
holding on to whatever i have left
this joy that i have found
but now I'm off the track
finding a way that i can live without that
and not let you down
Track Name: Grace
all around you, a light that shines
and hollow tones disappear
morning reflects her silhouette
my hollow bones draw near
love, this is me, though you might see
someone else who's far beneath
waves of pain that washed me away
angel, I'm still here...

now you wait for the day
this will pull you away
a stone is bound to bring you down
all clear skies fill with fear tonight
this storm passes only with time
but all that i see is you dancing with me
in darkness, there's no one around
grace in my veins as i call out your name
angel, where are you now?
please keep on trying...
Track Name: Cardinal
through every tortured morning
you will start to feel relief
have a coffee, play some records
let the grief within you leave
there are windows you must open
even though the sun is gone
there is laughter that will find you
just as she has found her own
it's not in you anymore.

you cannot speak to anyone
no one knows your name
and there's a fire within you burning
but you can barely fight the flames
if it's love you are after
you feel that thorn in your side
begging to be apart from darkness
or in your hands to watch it die
it's not in you anymore.

so let the world have it's way
and you must learn to let her go
it's very hard to understand now
someday you may know
don't put down your hands
and don't say, "no, i can't"
don't forget each tortured morning
eventually will let you dance
it's not in you anymore.